Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Met with one of the developers of Kaltura. Kaltura allows users to interact and collaborate in rich-media, for example, their video platform supports group-video making and peer production of rich-media. The main components of Kaltura's online video platform are based on open-source software, enabling any site to add advanced video and rich-media capabilities, and share content across the Kaltura Network of re-mixable content based on creative commons licensing. Best of all, Kaltura is integrating with Moodle in three steps. First, they are creating a Resource module that will most likely include remixing video. Second, they are creating an Assignments module. Assignments module will allow students to edit various video (through Moodle) and turn in their results. Kaltura states that they do for video what wikipeadia does for text. Their third step will be working with html coding. As an instructor of video production, this opens up various opportunities including the opporutnity to assignment homwork. Students would not need special software to edit a video - it will all be online.

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