Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adobe Flash Workshop with Joe Dockery

This is my last workshop before heading to North Carolina tomorrw. There always seems to be so much to learn and not enough time. I think that is what keeps me coming back to these conferences. It just takes one new nugget of great information and I want to keep learning more. It reminds me of golf. It just takes one great hole, and I want to keep playing more.

I have attended workshops by Joe Dockery before. I took the Flash class tonight. He has a great way of facilitating his classes. He allows students to work at their own pace and yet require certain assignments be completed by a specific date. I liked the way he has the students start off with drawing skills before really getting into Flash skills. He always has great resources for teachers. I had time to look at Adobe Flash CS4 and explore some of the differences between CS4 and CS2 (which is the version I am currently teaching). Students really like working with Flash. He had some great student project ideas.

I posted a lot of the new websites I learned about at this conference to my delicious account and included a link on the right.

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